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25 May 2009 @ 09:51 pm
Newsletter #141  

We're looking for volunteers to help compile & update entries for the newsletter.
If you're interested, please check out this entry.

+ The Dead Bolt: Kristen Stewart and the Twilight Balance of Feminine and Feminist in New Moon
+ NewMoonMovie.org: Chris Weitz spotted in Montepulciano, Italy
+ Twttrblogs.com: Extra's Perspective: Lots of inside scoop!

Discussion & Community Activities:

klassisa wrote Roundabout, Turnabout (6/?) [ NC-17 | AU/AH ]
island_surfer13 wrote Nobody Puts Baby In a Corner (2/?) [ M | AU-AH ]
tiffbella wrote Carousel (1/?) [ M | AU-AH ]
callistolexx wrote Blame it On the Cuervo (14/?) [ NC-17 | AU-AH ]
gangsterdorothy wrote Burning the Edges (18/?) [ M | AU-AH ]
givinglove29 wrote The Inspiration (5/?) [ M | AU-AH ]
perpersuasion wrote Before Her Last Breath (9/?) [ M | AU ]

sporadicia made some icons
naty_oreiro made some icons
wanxita made some icons
desire_unknown made some icons
desire_unknown made some icons
desire_unknown made some icons
ballerinapattz created some wallpapers
the_wonderkind created some Bella manips
sparknatural created some banners & icons
whoremosexual made some icons
suzyx made some icons
scarymissmady made some icons
faabyh made some icons
chelsea_hale created a Bella manip
bre2004 created some wallpapers
mayden created some E/B manips
annieohhhhyes made some icons
naty_oreiro created some wallpapers

nami86 posted a multi-fandom friending meme
chelsea_hale created an instrumental New Moon fanmix
carribbeanlady created a New Moon fanvid
ritabites created an E/B fanmix
dominoesrising created a New Moon fanvid

This is not everything in fandom. If you think something has been missed, please reply here and it will be included with the next update.
Jessicanowcarpediem on August 7th, 2009 07:56 am (UTC)

forksland - a new interactive community where four teams (Team Cullens, Team Humans, Team, Volturi & Team Werewolves) are pitted against each other to do games Twilight based in rounds 4 months long to see who wins.