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cullenswan's Journal

Cullen & Swan - The Edward/Bella Newsletter
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A fandom newsletter for Edward/Bella fans
Cullen & Swan: An Edward/Bella Fandom Newsletter

cullenswan is a LiveJournal community which houses the Edward/Bella newsletter
(much like the Twilight fandom newsletter, twilight_byte,
but this is specifically for Edward/Bella).

In order to read the updates, you will need to join, friend or watch cullenswan
(not the watcher/editor journal).

Items in the NewsInformation

We only monitor items posted on LJ. We don't monitor personal/creative journals.

Items we will link to:

+ News (movie, book series, etc)
+ Discussion posts
+ Fanfiction
+ Icons/Graphics/Art
+ Miscellaneous (community mentions, fanvids, fanmixes)

We will only be linking to unlocked posts - no friends-only/locked posts.

Please let us know if you would prefer that we didn't link to your LJ or to a particular entry within your LJ.

In order for fanfiction to be linked it must contain the following:

+ Title
+ Rating
+ Specifically mention the story is about the E/B pairing (or featuring the 'ship as a major part of the story)

Updates to the journal will be five times a week: each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday.

sg1padawan, silverobsession and moosical will be compiling the newsletter updates.

cullenandswan is our watcher/editor journal.

If you have any news, questions or problems please contact us at cullenswan[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you think we've missed something that needs linking, please reply to the latest newsletter entry in the comments.

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