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15 May 2009 @ 07:47 pm
Help Wanted!!  
Currently the newsletter is staffed by myself, silverobsession and moosical and updates are made (usually) 5 times a week between the 3 of us. As happens, Real Life has gotten busy for all of us and we're finding it hard to keep up with the newsletter. Rather than stop altogether, we would greatly appreciate some new blood (so to speak) and are seeking those who are interested in volunteering to help out with updating cullenswan.

Please contact me at cullenswan[at]gmail[dot]com if you're interested in helping compile & update the newsletter.

+ HTML knowledge is required (for coding the entries correctly, eg links)
+ Having worked on a newsletter previously is a bonus, but not a requirement
+ Only those seriously interested should offer their services

Please keep in mind you should only volunteer if you have the time to devote to the newsletter. To be honest, that may only be one day a week. Ideally, we'd love two people to take one day each per week.

Any questions, feel free to reply to this entry (comments will be screened for privacy) or email me at the above address.